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Preventative Maintenance. A sudden cardiac arrest emergency is never the time to discover a broken or malfunctioning AED. Arizona First Aid & Safety will ensure that your AED is Rescue Ready upon request or during a cabinet restocking or eye wash change for your peace of mind.  And, there is NO CHARGE for this service.

  • Although AEDs run regular self-checks, we’ll confirm Rescue Ready status;¬† any problems will be reported to you
  • Cabinet will be cleaned if necessary at no charge
  • Complimentary wall-mounting for AEDs/cabinets purchased from us
  • Pads and battery expiration dates will be checked and logged
  • You will be notified of any upcoming expiring parts
  • If you’d like us to, we’ll order the needed parts for you
  • We can get replacement parts for all makes and models
  • Your service rep can install any new parts for you at no additional charge; you only pay for the parts
  • We’ll do our best to notify you of any known recalls
  • In the event of a recall, we can facilitate the process to comply with the recall
  • If a recall is the catalyst for upgrading your AEDs, we will provide a clear path/all options to get that accomplished
  • Buy outright, rent or lease options available

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