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Be Safety-Wise to Protect your Eyes

Arizona First Aid & Safety will professionally drain, clean and refill your eye wash stations on a regular basis.  Our preservative ensures the station is ready to be used at any given moment.  We will note service dates on the tag so you know you are in compliance. Use your eye wash station for an emergency?  Forklift bumped and activated your station and now it’s empty?

  • Keeping your facility compliant for a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge.
  • Recommended service is every 90 days.
  • Will call for service, one time service or continuous, regular service available.
  • We offer wall-mounting and setting up a new station at no charge if you purchased it from us.
  • Bottled stations checked and if expired, we’ll replace it. 
  • Consider adding a catch bin to go under the station to avoid the floor becoming a fall hazard.
  • Proper signage will ensure all employees can identify the location of the eye wash stations in your facility.
  • We’ll walk your facility for no charge to determine proper eye wash station type and placement.
  • If your eye wash station is leaking, call us.  Might just need a new part or possibly may need to be replaced.
  • No contracts required.  Cancel anytime.

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