First Aid Cabinet Refills Phoenix AZ

Arizona First Aid & Safety specializes in first aid cabinet maintenance. Your cabinets will be replenished to meet the most current rules and regulations. 

AZFAS, bringing the essentials to your workplace for less.

  • Pricing is considerably below industry standard, generally 20%-30% less.
  • Expect white glove service;  we’ll always go the extra mile for our customers.
  • Adherence to the list of products you want stocked.
  • Detailed, transparent invoices – no small, medium or large quantities.  
  • Service reps aren’t paid on commission, thus unnecessary items will not be stocked.
  • Secured facility? No problem. Our service reps can pass any badging requirement.
  • Multiple AZ locations? The same service rep will standardize all of them. 
  • Cabinet cleaning at no charge. 
  • Complimentary facility walk-thru/site visit followed by a written plan of action and cost.
  • No minimum invoice or contracts required.  Cancel anytime.

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    First Aid Supplier Keeps Workplace Supplies Current

    First aid supply companies in Phoenix, AZ know something employers may overlook. They know that keeping workplace first aid & medical supplies current and replenished is crucial to the ability to deliver proper care to people injured on the job. It might be surprising to learn that many first aid supplies expire, meaning the first aid cabinet should be regularly checked to ensure the supplies on hand are within the expiration date as well as fully stocked at all times.

    Items that Expire in the First Aid Cabinet

    What does a first aid supplier typically find expired in a workplace first aid cabinet?
    The active ingredients in creams and ointments are typically effective for no more than three years. Like any over-the-counter medications, the ones in a first aid cabinet have expiration dates. Bandages or anything adhesive like tape may lose some of its adhesiveness after several years and certainly if more than five years old. Gauze may have an expiration date because the material degrades over time.

    Another issue is that some items may be exposed to air and dry out. For example, the packaging for sterile alcohol or antiseptic wipes may be torn and dry out, thus the supplies become ineffective before the expiration date.

    First Aid Supplier Provides Routine Replenishing

    One of the best ways to avoid needing an item in a first aid cabinet only to find its expired is to let a medical kit supplier check the contents on a schedule. It is easy to utilize first aid supplies and then forget to replace them. The first step to ensuring a workplace first aid cabinet is always stocked with the right level of current supplies is finding the answer to, “Where are first aid supplies near me in Phoenix, AZ?”

    Arizona First Aid & Safety is a van based first aid supplier offering first aid cabinet maintenance on-site that ensures your supplies are always current and the cabinet is fully stocked. You can visit our website and learn more about our cabinet refill service.

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